Sunday, November 22, 2015

Article by Arthur Wiegenfeld: Pluto Revisited: The Case for Reinstating its Planetary Status - Laurel's Pluto Blog

Here is a great article by Arthur Wiegenfeld on why Pluto and all dwarf planets should be considered a subclass of planets.

Wiegenfeld notes that if there is enough interest, he will publish a follow-up article discussing his ideas for a better approach to classifying solar system objects. If you like this article, please express the desire to see the follow-up in the article's comments section.

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cinnamonblue said...

Hi Laurel -

Read through that article, but didn't want to comment there as they use Discus which, from what I understand, tracks you all over the net, all the time.

But id you have any way to pass on to the author, yes, I would like to read more of his thoughts.