Monday, February 25, 2013

Update on Petition for New Horizons Commemorative Stamp

"Greetings New Horizons Pluto Stamp supporters,

First, a warm thank you to all of you who signed the petition last summer that was sent to the U.S. Postal Service requesting the issuance of a stamp to commemorate the NASA New Horizons space mission to Pluto.

Recently, we were issued a letter from the USPS informing us that the New Horizons mission stamp proposal will be submitted for review and consideration before their Advisory Committee! We have cleared the first hurdle!

Next it will be put on the agenda for the meeting of the Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee. Based on USPS guidelines, we know that proponents are NOT advised if a subject has been approved by the Postmaster General for issuance until a general announcement is made to the public. And this entire process can take up to 3 years. So we will most likely not know if a stamp is approved until around the time when New Horizons reaches Pluto in 2015. But please be patient and keep your fingers crossed!

Also, we will no longer be sending updates to this mailing list, so please visit the New Horizons website and sign up to receive updates on the mission at

And join us on Facebook!

Once again, thank you all for your support! Go New Horizons!

This message is from Con Tsang. For Information, Go To "New Horizons" who started the petition "Citizens' Stamp Advisory Committee of the US Postal Service: Honor New Horizons and the Exploration of Pluto with a USPS Stamp," which you signed on

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